1 December 2008

Welcome to Meme Logic

Meme Logic is designed to present my personal views and thoughts on memetics in order to help, if at all possible, the progress of this new science.

Memetics is a young science and therefore experiences numerous different views and stands. As my title suggests, my personal approach is based, as much as possible, on reason and logic. I will try to make memetics as rigorous as possible. For this, I base my views on the core principles that brought memetics to life :

Memetics is based on Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and the concept of replicator universalised by Richard Dawkins.

The theory of evolution is central for two main reasons. First, it allows us to understand the mechanism of evolution and second, how this mechanism allowed culture to emerge. The concept of the replicator is the perfect tool to understand the underlying and universal principles of evolution that helps us build a good model of cultural evolution with memetics.

I hope you will find Meme Logic helpful and instructive.

This site is updated regularly and you are kindly invited to leave comments.


  1. Super initiative.

    M2 vient de trouver un nouveau terrain pour se répliquer ;-)

  2. Only this idea of memes and replicators can explain the strong urge ... often with destructive force ... of words and ideas to come out of our mouths. It is their inherent character or desire to be replicated.

    This is to me a new science. a very interesting one indeed that could explain many of our human cultural progress or growth better than anything else.

  3. Anonymous, I'm very glad to hear you say that.
    Memetics deserves to become a new science, although it has a long way to go still.

    I would say that memes are inherently good at being replicated rather than memes have a kind of desire. It gets very confusing if we use words that suggest that memes possess a sort of will or consciousness.

    I do believe that memetics can indeed provide a great new model for cultural human behaviour.
    Stay tuned!

  4. merci la definition du concept de code est brillantissime , arrivez à une telel vulgarisation , tout en gradant l'essentiel est remarquable, vraiment bravo et respect!